Dr. Oliver Bračevac

My general interests are programming languages, compilers, and formal verification. You can find out more about what I do in my (somewhat outdated) research statement:

[Research Statement]    [Teaching Statement]

Until recently, I was research engineer at Galois, Inc. where I worked on DARPA projects spanning user-friendly verification tools for the C language and implementations of memory-safe imperative functional programming languages.

Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Purdue, PurPL where I collaborated with Tiark Rompf on Scala LMS, high-performance symbolic execution, and type systems that unlock Rust-style ownership for Scala-like languages.

I earned my PhD from TU Darmstadt under the guidance of Mira Mezini, where my research focused on effect handlers for reactive and stream-based systems.

Way before all of that, I earned my wings as a systems and software engineer in the IT/telco industry.


Apr 11, 2024 I’m thrilled to announce that I will be joining the Scala team at EPFL as a lead engineer this summer!
Oct 3, 2023 Polymorphic Reachability Types conditionally accepted at POPL 2024!
Jul 1, 2023 Graph IRs for Impure Higher-Order Languages accepted at OOPSLA 2023!
Dec 9, 2022 Compiling Parallel Symbolic Execution with Continuations accepted at ICSE 2023!
Jun 23, 2022 New paper at ECOOP: What If We Don’t Pop the Stack? The Return of 2nd-Class Values.

Selected Publications

  1. POPL
    Polymorphic Reachability Types: Tracking Freshness, Aliasing, and Separation in Higher-Order Generic Programs
    Guannan Wei, Oliver Bračevac, Songlin Jia, Yuyan Bao, and Tiark Rompf. 2024 PDF
    Graph IRs for Impure Higher-Order Languages: Making Aggressive Optimizations Affordable with Precise Effect Dependencies
    Oliver Bračevac, Guannan Wei, Songlin Jia, Supun Abeysinghe, Luke Jiang, Yuyan Bao, and Tiark Rompf. 2023 PDF
  3. ICSE
    Compiling Parallel Symbolic Execution with Continuations
    Guannan Wei, Songlin Jia, Ruiqi Gao, Haotian Deng, Shangyin Tan, Oliver Bračevac, and Tiark Rompf. 2023 PDF
  4. ECOOP
    What If We Don’t Pop the Stack? The Return of 2nd-Class Values
    Anxhelo Xhebraj, Oliver Bračevac, Guannan Wei, and Tiark Rompf. 2022 PDF
    Compiling Symbolic Execution with Staging and Algebraic Effects
    Guannan Wei, Oliver Bračevac, Shangyin Tan, and Tiark Rompf. 2020 PDF
  6. ICFP
    Versatile Event Correlation with Algebraic Effects
    Oliver Bračevac, Nada Amin, Guido Salvaneschi, Sebastian Erdweg, Patrick Eugster, and Mira Mezini. 2018 PDF
    A Co-Contextual Formulation of Type Rules and its Application to Incremental Type Checking
    Sebastian Erdweg, Oliver Bračevac, Edlira Kuci, Matthias Krebs, and Mira Mezini. 2015 PDF