Dr. Oliver Bračevac

Postdoctoral Researcher @ Purdue CS and PurPl. Previously STG @ TU Darmstadt.

305 N. University Street

West Lafayette, IN, 47907, USA

My general interests are programming languages and compilers. I explore new ways of programming complex systems, in order to make them simpler, safer, more robust, and more scalable.

I am a strong proponent of functional programming and formal methods, and a logician at heart.

My contributions and projects span the areas of functional programming, effect systems, type theory, verification, distributed/reactive programming, stream/event processing, and symbolic execution.

Being not too picky, I work with both first- and second-class functions. When I reflect upon an issue, I tend to reify new ideas. I survived callback hell by shifting my perspective. Pondering if the world can handle my effects and what coeffect it grants me. Always the strong type, sometimes existential, and increasingly becoming dependent.

I am always looking for talented and strongly motivated students to work on a thesis or research project.


Oct 20, 2020 New paper at OOPSLA: Compiling Symbolic Execution with Staging and Algebraic Effects.
Jan 1, 2020 Joined the group of Prof. Tiark Rompf as a post-doc.